The city, object of this book, is here understood as an architecture. Speaking of architecture I do not mean to refer only to the visible image of the city and all its architectures; but rather to architecture as a construction. I mean the construction of the city over time. 

Aldo Rossi, The architecture of the city

A souvenir is a construction of the reality that when observed or used springs into the mind a series of images and memories. Urbs is not just a game.
It is a tool through which is possible to explore
a precise feeling. Sentimento del particolare,
literally translated feeling of the detail. It is that
emotion, that amazement, that astonishment
that you feel looking up in a stratified, historic
and chaotic city like Rome. In every corner can
be seen a glimpse, a miscellany of cultures, styles
and materials, each impressive and historically
important. It is an indescribable feeling that can
only be experienced.

Study of urban artifacts: analyzing the space behind the Theatre of Marcellus in Rome what easily pop up to the eye is the layering of different materials, styles and ages. The urbanistic structure of the city collects in only one shot 6 different historical periods.

13 BC




1800 - 1900

431 BC - 34 BC