Poplar wood is the most used in our everyday life: from matches to shoe soles, from charcoal to skis and skateboard and sometimes also for refined boiserie. The only component that is discarded and burned is the leaf.

p.l. is a 100% biodegradable material made out of paper, bioplastic and poplar leaves that try to give new life to something that today is considered useless.

The poplar leaves pulp is mixed to paper pulp to make volume, potato starch for the strength, glycerine for the flexibility and vinegar to reinforce the ionic bond of the component. The resulting dough is applied and spread on sheets of crystal paper.

The final material gets the robustness of a wooden stick and the flexibility of cardboard. Nevertheless, due to its pure naturalness, it is a moving material able to dilate or shrink depending on the humidity degree in the air.