Design Academy Eindhoven, Photograph: Iris Rijskamp

green democracy

an equal existence between humans and vegetation


The question of the fragment in architecture is very important as perhaps only the deconstruction completely expresses a fact. 

Aldo Rossi, A Scientific Autobiography

Italy is a cultural stage of standing fragments: one of those beautiful Romans and Greeks ruins embedded in modernity, on the other those brutal concrete skeleton which blooms in the landscape. Those architectonic elements become interesting situation once abandoned and left to nature. Here, doing the blind domination of man, starting to interact with vegetation and animals, transforming the space, blending human and natural art into pure coexistence.

In a period where human density is growing exponentially together with housing requests, urban areas are expanding drastically pushing outside vegetation. The need for green cities is becoming a necessity for human beings.

Green democracy is a formal research that aims to generate a building system for an eco-existence. through the analysis of human and plant needs.

The result is a formal vocabulary of particle buildings, where each of them expresses a typology of relation with natural elements.

Those eco-fragments could be part of a new building system based on our past and neglect experience but determined to new mutual existence, where man does not have priority

on plants.